Outing Manufacturing Company, Elkhart, Indiana

Outing manufactured a distinct, brightly painted line of hollow bronze lures. They are hard to find in nice condition, as they likely got fished heavily. The names all ended in "get-um," earning them a place in tackle history. Founded around 1919 or 1920, Outing first sold their baits in wonderful picture boxes made for each lure. Later baits came in a generic box. The company was purchased in 1927 by tackle giant Heddon and the lures soon disappeared forever.

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This is the earliest Du-Getum picture box. The lure inside is in typical frog finish, with green airbrushed markings over a white enamel background. These lures date to the late teens and became more popular around 1921.

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This is the later generic Outing box the company eventually sold all its lures in. According to the flyer inside, the Outing Manufacturing Company also sold decoys, knives, camping gear and a host of other outdoor products besides lures.

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This is the rare picture box for the Feather-Getum lure of the late teens and early 1920s. The lure is mint on its original cardboard form. The colors and other information is printed on the boxtop and there is no flyer inside. This is the only such box I have ever seen - anywhere.

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The Floater Get-Um Looks like a hollow bronze hot dog. it is the rarest of the Outing lures, and also one of the hardest to find in decent shape. As you can see, it also came in its own special introductory picture box. The flyer inside describes typical Outing products and lists a half-dozen lures.

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