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of antique lures and boxes (not shown elsewhere on this website) that I am seeking for my collection. Please contact me if you have any of the lures or lure boxes listed below.

Miller's Original Wood Minnow, Bing's Nemahbin Minnow, Like Live Fishing Lure, Like Live Bait Company, Jacksonville, Florida, Jim Pfeffer Top Shiner and Orlando Shiner, Florida, Porer Bait Company, Costa Lure, H.B. Costa Lure Company, Tampa, Florida; Superstrike, Florida Artificial Bait Company, St. Augustine; Dixie Bait Company, Daytona Beach; Eger's Natural Frog, Eger's Florida Special, Eger Bait Co., Bartow, Fla., Eger Nature Frog; Southern Bait Company; Top-N-Bottom lure Jack Smithwick, Shreveport, La.

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