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Who Is mrlurebox?


Robbie Pavey

When I'm not out fishing or looking for old fishing lures, I'm a full-time writer and journalist who covers outdoor and environmental issues  for The Augusta Chronicle, Georgia's second-largest daily newspaper. I write a weekly hunting and fishing column, and I've authored more than thirty articles on antique tackle and early lure companies, and also published a fine reference book focusing on the famous James Heddon's Sons tackle company of Dowagiac, Michigan. I'm a contributing editor to Luckey's Old Fishing Lures & Tackle reference encyclopedia and editor of the Warman's Field Guide to fishing lure values. I am a Columbia, S.C., native and a graduate of the University of South Carolina College of Journalism. I live in Evans, Ga., just outside of Augusta, which is home to the Masters Golf Tournament played here each April. My wife, Tammi, is a physician assistant who practices family medicine, and we have three wonderful, energetic boys to keep us on our toes, and a bloodhound names Daisy.  


Why collect lures?

I first became a collector and joined the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club in 1984, a few years after acquiring a handful of antique lures from a relative. At the time, my entire collection was about two dozen pieces hooked to a styrofoam cooler lid in my closet. Now, many years later, this website is a testament to what has become the most pleasant obsession one could ever hope to encounter. My collecting interests focus on early lures in boxes, but the underlying theme is to help promote and preserve our nation's angling heritage.  I am also a member of the Florida Antique Tackle Collectors, and Carolina Antique Tackle Club.  

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I Buy Antique Lures!