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 This Heddon 150 underwater minnow is in a clean, correctly numbered box, stamped 150 on each end. Green crackleback lures generally clean and polish well and can be returned to their original luster.  

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 This unusual fat-bodied Heddon is the somewhat rare Musky Surfusser is in Shiner Scale pattern. Note the heavy duty toilet seat hardware. These are among the rarest of all Heddons but no one seems particularly excited about them.

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 This is a rare Surface Minnie in red and white.  It looks a little like a South bend Baby Surf-Oreno but has typical Heddon hardware and paint finishes. The second lure is a 300 Surface Bait in rare greenback rainbow finish. Both lures are from the 1920s.  

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 These are both Florida related baits. The Saltwater Special has 2-piece hardware and is painted with a red head and glitter finish. The Darting Zara in bullfrog pattern is the early model with the nail in the mouth. The Darting Zara is from the 1920s, while the Saltwater Special is from the early 1930s.  

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 The top two lures are Florida Specials, designed especially for Florida fishing. They are similar to the Saltwater Special above, but have propellers. The third lure is an early no eye Lucky 13 in red scale, another  hard to find color.  

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 This Heddon 130 series Torpedo is in yet another rare color: blue scale. On worn or faded lures, this color is often confused with green scale. Look for black eye shadow to confirm that a bait is indeed finished in blue scale. 

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 These three early lures are all in Strawberry Spot finish. The 300 Surface ha L-rig hardware, dating to the 1920s. The Deep Diving Wiggler in the center is from the same era.  The unusual   Wiggle King is the straight slant head version and has cup hardware, a very difficult combination to find.  

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 The 120 series Torpedo is similar to the 130 series pictured above, but it is smaller and has only 2 treble hooks instead of three. The 120 series Torpedoes are much harder to find than their larger cousin. 

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 This is the giant 8-inch Musky Vamp in green scale with heavy duty L-Rig hardware.  These big baits are highly sought and usually have been damaged by their own giant treble hooks. They usually have a huge square box swivel on the line tie.  

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  This is a rare 3-belly weight version of the Artistic Minnow. The color is Brown Sienna.  Most Artistic Minnow lures had only one belly weight. This is certainly an early model.

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 This is a 7500 series Vamp in Frog Scale, sharing a frame with another stunning lure: a Zaragossa in goldfish scale. Note the early blunt nose on the Zaragossa. both lures date to the early 1920s.  

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 This Heddon Baby Crab Wiggler in toilet seat is in the later Crab Finish. The other  Baby Crab is in green crackleback. The   Basser is in Frog Scale.  All are from the 1920s.

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