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Salesman Samples of Heddon Dowagiac Spook Lures

This is a rare collection of salesman sample cases that date to the 1950s, 1960s and into the early 1970s. Although most of these lures are common, the complete color sets offer a glimpse of the wide range of finishes available in the era of early plastic. This collection was a acquired from a visitor to this website whose father-in-law retired from Heddon after more than 18 year of service. I am always interested in more of these sets.

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This is a set of Heddon Tiny Torpedo lures with nearly three dozen colors. The Tiny Torpedo Spook was also known as the Baby Torpedo and is still in use today as a superb bass catcher. Heddon made the Tiny Torpedo long after the wooden 120 and 130 series Torpedo lures had ended.    

hedsample1.JPG (209109 bytes)

This is another salesman sample ring showing all the colors of the Heddon Tiny Chugger Spook and Lucky 13 Spook lures available in the 60s. The Lucky 13 had been in the Heddon line many decades by then. The Tiny Chugger Spook is also known as the Heddon Chugger Jr.

hedsample2.JPG (209502 bytes)

Here are more of the unusual colors of the Baby Lucky 13 spook lures. Note the lavender purple and strawberry finishes. Below are other salesman sample rings for the Heddon Hedd Plug and the Cousin and Cousin II antique lures, as well as the Heddon Sonar lures. The numbers taped to the hookless lure bodies correspond with their respective paint finishes.  Hedd Plug and Cousin lures are common but still mildly collectible.

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 hedsample6.JPG (205962 bytes)hedsample3.JPG (212422 bytes)

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 Other Heddon lures of this era were shown in these beautiful cardboard fold-up display cases, always marked Heddon on the outside, of course. The backing inside is plywood or a slate-like material. Shown below are some Heddon Hedd Plug lures and Cousins and a pile of sample cases, as-found in a dusty garage where they sat unnoticed for decades.

hedsample7.JPG (183841 bytes)

 hedsample8.JPG (182998 bytes)hedsample9.JPG (185627 bytes)

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These sample cases offer a look at unusual colors the Heddon Crackleback and the Heddon Tadpolly Spook were sold in. Other Heddon lures such as the RIver Runt Spook and the River Runt Spook Floater and the Heddon Go-Deeper River Runt Spook all came in unusual colors, too.

hedsample11.JPG (182082 bytes)

Here is a case introducing the Heddon Tiny Punkin Spin which was a relative of the Heddon Punkinseed line of lures that first emerged in the 1930s. The Punkinseed Spook lures are plastic and the Punkinseed lures are wooden. The Punkie Spook was a tiny flyrod version of this popular lure. Note the nickel fininshes in this display. 

hedsample12.JPG (216146 bytes)

Other Heddon lures here include the Giant Chugger, made only a short time, and a nice display showing "new" finishes for popular Heddon lures like the Heddon Sonic and Lucky 13 and Zara Spook and Tiny Torpedo. Imagine how many bass have been caught on lures like these!

hedsample13.JPG (206203 bytes)
hedsample15.JPG (204435 bytes)hedsample14.JPG (199899 bytes) hedsample16.JPG (191571 bytes)

 We Hope You Enjoyed Your Tour of Heddon Lures!

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